The Zoning Trilogy

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CIP is pleased to announce a partnership with The Zoning Trilogy – the global go-to source for zoning reference material. Found in the libraries of over 1,500 municipalities, companies and university libraries, the Trilogy was a Bestseller of the American Planning Association library for a decade. Now completely updated and in its fourth edition it may be accessed for personal use at no cost by CIP members as a valued benefit of your membership. This offer is valid until August 2019.

The website is based on three books intended to act as a resource for planners, lawyers and any others involved in the preparation of zoning and planning policy by providing a useful and practical base of information. The searchable database provides over 1556 definitions, 374 provisions and 51 diagrams, all sourced from zoning ordinances and by-laws throughout North America. The "Zoning Trilogy" was the winner of an Ontario Professional Planners Institute Communications Award for Best Written Report, and the Canadian Institute of Planners Honour Award for Planning Excellence for Reference Material. Primary sales have been in Canada and the United States, however copies have been purchased in Japan, Egypt, Jordan, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Bob Lehman, the author, is a Fellow of CIP, who has been involved in drafting over 50 comprehensive zoning by-laws. He created the reference books originally as an internal resource and made it available on-line in 2003.

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