The Zoning Trilogy

About The Zoning Trilogy

Originally developed as an in-house resource, The Zoning Trilogy has grown to become used by more than 1,000 municipalities in six countries as their primary zoning reference documents. The Zoning Trilogy is used as the primary reference when drafting zoning ordinances/by-laws and is frequently cited as a source document by courts in zoning decisions. The Trilogy is made up of the Zoning Definitions Dictionary, the Zoning Provisions Encyclopedia and the Zoning Diagrams Compendium, each carefully indexed and cross-referenced.

The Zoning Trilogy is now in its third version, recently updated to include a wide variety of definitions dealing with 'green' terms and sustainable planning. The author of The Zoning Trilogy has been a practicing planner for the last 40 years, working in the development and use of zoning tools in over 100 jurisdictions. Since the first edition of the Trilogy was published in 1997 it has been cited in court decisions, planning reports and directly in ordinances as the tool for use in interpreting zoning issues. To quote a few:

The City of Albuquerque
"The Zoning Dictionary, published by Lehman and Associates, 1999 edition, which is used as a definitive reference tool by the Zoning Enforcement Office, reads as follows..."

The Town of Canton, New York
"70.9 Definitions Except as may be specifically defined within this local code, all terms or phrases shall be as defined in the 'The Zoning Dictionary', Lehman and Associates."

The Western Planner Journal
"Lehman's Zoning Trilogy fills and important gap in the world of municpal planning. The three volume set is a complete and highly detailed model zoning ordinance... The set deserves to be on every current planner's bookshelf."

New York Planning Federation
"This published set has quickly become a vlauable addition to my organization's resource library."

Township of West Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada - D. MacInnis Municipal Development Officer
"We purchased the Millenium Edition for our office several months ago and I personally found it tremendously useful when our land use by-law does not include a definition. Your explanations are clear, precise and reliable, I find it an invaluable tool in those gray areas when interpretations and decisions must be made."

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