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Number of Accessory Dwelling Units on a Lot/Dwelling For Farm Worker

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Provision: Site Design Standards (Sample)

  • The following standards shall be utilized by the City Planning Commission in reviewing all site plans. These standards are intended to provide a frame of reference for the applicant in the development of site and building plans as well as a method of review for the reviewing authority. These standards shall not be regarded as inflexible requirements and are not intended to discourage creativity, invention and innovation.
    1. The landscape shall be preserved in its natural state, insofar as practicable, by minimizing tree and soil removal and any grade changes shall be in keeping with the general appearance of neighbouring developed areas.
    2. Proposed structures shall be related harmoniously to the terrain and to existing buildings in the vicinity that have a visual relationship to the proposed buildings. The achievement of such relationship may include the enclosure of space in conjunction with other existing buildings or other proposed buildings and the creation of focal points with respect to avenues of approach, terrain features or other buildings.
    3. With respect to vehicular and pedestrian circulation, including walkways, interior drives and parking, special attention shall be given to location and number of access points to the public streets, width of interior drives and access points, general interior circulation, separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and arrangement of parking areas that are safe and convenient, and insofar as practicable, do not detract from the design of proposed buildings and structures and the neighbouring properties.
    4. Special attention shall be given to proper site surface drainage so that the removal of surface waters will not adversely affect neighbouring properties or the public storm drainage system. Storm water shall be removed from all roofs, canopies and paved areas and carried away in an efficient and approved manner. Surface water in all paved areas shall be collected at intervals so that it will not obstruct the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic and will not create puddles in the paved areas.
    5. Electric and telephone lines shall be underground where practicable. Any utility installations remaining above ground shall be located so as to have a harmonious relationship to neighbouring properties and the site.
    6. The size, location, lighting and materials of all permanent signs and outdoor advertising structures or features shall not detract from the design of proposed buildings and structures and the surrounding properties.
    7. The standards of review outlined above shall also apply to all accessory buildings, structures, free-standing signs and other site features, however, related to the major buildings or structures.

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