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Term: Loading Space (Sample)

An unencumbered area of land which is provided and maintained upon the same lot or lots upon which the principal use is located and which area is provided for the temporary parking of one (l) commercial motor vehicle while merchandise or materials are being loaded or unloaded from such vehicle, and such parking shall not be for the purpose of sale or display.

That part of a site or structure on which a single vehicle may be loaded or unloaded.

Space logically and conveniently located for bulk pickups and deliveries, scaled to delivery vehicles expected to be used, and accessible to such vehicles when required off-street parking spaces are filled.

An off-street space on the same lot as the building, or contiguous to a group of buildings, for the temporary parking of a commercial vehicle while loading or unloading merchandise or materials, and which abuts upon a street, lane or other appropriate means of access.

An open area used to provide free access for vehicles to a loading door, platform or bay.

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