The Zoning Trilogy

Category: Commercial Uses

We found 303 Terms in this category.

Accessory Advertising Use
Accessory Office Use
Accommodation Units
Administrative Office
Adult Bookstore
Adult Cabaret
Adult Entertainment Parlour
Adult Motion Picture Theatre
Adult Store
Adult Uses
Adventure Game
Advertising Use
Agriculturally Related Commercial/Industrial Uses
Air Park
Anchor Tenant
Animal Clinic
Animal Enclosure
Antique Store
Apartment Hotel
Art Gallery
Art Gallery Studio, Live-in
Auction Barn
Auction Room
Autobody Shop
Automatic Car Wash
Automobile Service Station
Automobile Storage Area
Automobile Wrecking Yard
Automotive Gas Bar
Bake Shop
Banquet Hall
Bar, Holding
Base Lodge
Bed and Breakfast
Boarding House
Brew Your Own Operation
Building Supply and Lumber Outlet
Bulk Beverage Store
Bulk Landscaping Supplies
Bulky Goods Retailing
Bulky Goods Retailing
Bus Station, Terminal, Depot
Business Center, Planned
Business Services
Business, Professional or Administrative Office
Cabin Establishment
Call Center
Car Rental Agency
Car Sales Lot
Car Wash
Cartage or Transport Depot
Catalogue Store
Caterer's Establishment
Centralized Retail Management
Chain Store
Commercial Amusement, Temporary
Commercial Campground
Commercial Card Lock Facility
Commercial Exhibit
Commercial Fishery
Commercial Nursery and/or Greenhouse
Commercial Office
Commercial Parking Lot
Commercial Print Centre
Commercial Resort Unit Complex
Commercial School
Commercial School or College
Commercial Use
Condominium Commercial
Condominium Hotel
Condominium Office
Confectionery Store
Consulting Room
Convenience Store
Cottage Establishment
Country Inn
Data Processing Centre
Day Care Centre
Day Care Centre, Occasional
Day Nursery or Kindergarten
Department Store
Design Center
Dining Room
Dish Antenna
Display Yard
Drive-in Business
Drive-in Cinema
Drive-in Theatre
Driving Range
Drug Store
Dry Cleaning or Laundry Outlet
Dry-cleaners Distribution Station
Dry-cleaners, Coin-operated
Eating and Drinking Places
Eating Establishment
Efficiency Unit
Entertainment (live)
Entertainment Use
Escort Agency
Exotic Cabaret
Factory Outlet
Family Day Care Home
Fast Food Outlet
Fast Food Retail Outlet
Feeding Pen, Commercial
Financial Office
Fitness Centre, Commercial
Flea Market
Flea Market/Swap Meet
Flying School
Fortune Telling Businesses
Funeral Home
Furniture Showroom
Game or Gambling Game
Gaming Device or Gaming Equipment
Gaming or Gambling
Gaming or Gambling Establishment
Garage, Maintenance
Garage, Storage
Garbage Container
Garden Centre
Gas Bar
Gasoline Pump Island
General Store
Golf Academy
Golf Driving Range
Greenhouse, Commercial
Grocery Store
Guest House
Hairdressing Establishment
Health Club
Heavy Equipment Sales and Rental
High Technology Retail Store
Highway Commercial Use
Home Center
Home Center
Home Decorating Store
Home Display Court
Home Furnishings and Improvement Retail Outlet
Home Hairdressing Salon
Home Improvement Store
Home Improvement Supplies
Hotel Ancillary Uses
Houseboat, Commercial
Household Sale
Housekeeping Cottage
Hunting Lodge
Injury Management Center
Interval Occupancy
Interval Occupancy Lease Plan
Interval Occupancy Sales Plan
Interval Occupancy Unit
Jewellery Store, New
Kennel and Cattery, Commercial
Kennels, Non-commercial
Landscaping Center
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Shop
Laundry Establishment
Light Equipment Sales and Rental Establishment
Light Fish and/or Food Processing
Liquor Licensed Premises
Magnet Store
Marine Air Base
Market Garden
Market, Open Air
Massage Establishment
Mobile Business
Model Park Trailer
Motion Picture Theater
Motor Vehicle Body Shop
Motor Vehicle Dealership
Motor Vehicle Fuel Bar
Motor Vehicle Repair Garage
Motor Vehicle Sales Room
Motor Vehicle, Derelict
Neighborhood Business Area
Neighbourhood Store
Nude Modeling Studio
Nursery/Garden Centre/Greenhouse
Office Building
Office Business
Office Parks
Office, Sales
Office/Retail/Warehouse Combination
Open Sales Lot
Outdoor Cafe
Outdoor Display and Sales Area
Outdoor Display Area
Outdoor Patio
Outdoor Retail Warehouse
Package Liquor Store
Personal Care Facility, Small
Personal Grooming Establishment
Personal Service Establishment
Pet Shop
Photographic Establishment
Photography Studio
Pick-up Facility
Place of Amusement
Place of Entertainment
Print Shop
Printing Establishment
Private Art Gallery
Private Home Day Care
Private Zoo
Produce Market
Production Studio
Public Garage
Public Market
Public Storage Operations
Pump Island
Real Estate and Brokerage Agency
Remote, Cottage
Rent-all Shop
Rental Cabin or Rental Cottage
Repair Shop, Auto Body
Repair Shop, Motor Vehicle
Restaurant, Carry-out
Restaurant, Drive-in
Restaurant, Private
Retail Store
Retail Warehouse
Retail Warehouse Outlet
Retial Outlet Store
Retreat or Conference Centre
Riding Academy
Riding School or Boarding Stable
Riding Stable
Sadomasochism Centre
Sample Showroom
Satellite Office
Seasonal Farm Produce Sales Outlet
Seasonal Home-grown Produce Stand
Secondhand Shop
Service or Repair Shop
Service Outlet
Service Shop, Personal
Service Station
Sexual Encounter Centre
Sexually Oriented Business
Shooting Gallery
Shooting Ranges, Outdoor
Shopping Centre
Shopping Centre, Community
Shopping Centre, Neighbourhood
Shopping Centre, Regional
Shopping Mall, Enclosed
Sidewalk Cafe
Sidewalk Patio
Sidewalk/Parking Lot Sale
Slaughterhouse, Commercial
Specialty Food Store
Specialty Shopping Centre
Storage Shed
Storage Yard
Strip Commercial Area
Strip Commercial Development
Strip Mall
Summer Camp, Private
Tailor Shop
Tattoo Parlour
Teletheatre Outlet
Temporary Promotional Use
Temporary Retail Food Establishment
Theatre, Drive-in
Theme Park
Thrift Shop
Transient Sales Lot
Undertaking Establishment
Unenclosed Storage
Variety Store
Veterinarian's Clinic
Viable Resource Area
Video Outlet/Rental Shop
Yacht Club