The Zoning Trilogy

Category: Residential Uses

We found 149 Terms in this category.

Accessory Apartment
Accessory Home Use (see Also 'home Occupation')
Accessory Living Quarters
Adult Care Residential Facility
Adult Congregate Living Facility
Affordable Housing
Apartment Building
Apartment Building, High Rise
Apartment Building, Walk Up
Apartment Hotel
Bachelor Suite
Bed and Breakfast
Bed Sitting Room Unit
Boarding House
Cabin, Sleeping
Care Home
Caretaker's Dwelling Unit
Cluster Subdivision
Common Activity Area
Congregate Housing
Congregate Residences
Converted Building
Cooperative Housing Project
Cottage, Housekeeping
Crisis Care Facility/Residence/Centre
Crisis Care Facility/Residence/Centre
Crisis Care Facility/Residence/Centre
Diplomatic Residence
Divisible Dwelling Unit
Domestic Art
Dwelling Duplex, Semi-detached
Dwelling Unit
Dwelling Unit, Accessory
Dwelling, Accessory
Dwelling, Apartment
Dwelling, Converted
Dwelling, Double Duplex
Dwelling, Duplex
Dwelling, Fourplex
Dwelling, Guest
Dwelling, High-rise Apartment
Dwelling, Linked
Dwelling, Linked Group
Dwelling, Maisonette
Dwelling, Mobile Home
Dwelling, Modular
Dwelling, Multiple Family
Dwelling, Multiple Unit
Dwelling, Quadruplex
Dwelling, Row
Dwelling, Seasonal
Dwelling, Semi-detached
Dwelling, Single Family
Dwelling, Split Level
Dwelling, Townhouse
Dwelling, Triplex
Dwelling, Two Family
Dwelling, Two Unit
Dwelling, Underground
Dwelling, Vertically Attached
Dwelling, Walk-up Apartment
Efficiency Apartment
Elderly Housing
Emergency Shelter/Mission
Float Home
Floor Area, Total Residential
Garage Sale
Garage, Private
Garden Suite
Granny Flat
Ground Oriented Housing
Group Home
Habitable Room
Home Occupation
Home Profession
Household Sale
Industrialized Housing
Live Aboard Vessel (see Also Houseboat)
Lodging Unit
Manufactured Home
Manufactured Housing Development
Manufactured Housing Subdivision
Mixed Commercial-residential Development
Mixed Use Building
Mobile Home
Mobile Home Community
Mobile Home Park
Mobile Home Site
Mobile Home Subdivision
Mobile Home, Double Wide
Mobile Home, Single Wide
Model Home
Modular Home
Neighbourhood Care Home
Net Residential Density
Non-ground Oriented Housing
Office At Home
Outdoor Living Area
Pre-fabricated Home
Residential Care Facility
Residential Infilling
Residential Office/Professional Office
Residential Shelter
Residential Use
Retirement Community
Retirement Lodge or Retirement Home
Roomers or Boarders
Rooming House
Rooming Unit
Row House
Rural Residential Cluster
Seasonal Dwelling/Residence
Second Culinary Facility
Second Dwelling Unit
Senior Citizen's Home
Senior Congregate Care Housing
Senior Congregate Housing
Senior Housing
Servants Quarters
Sleeping Cabin
Sleeping Unit
Social Housing
Student Residence
Summer Occupancy (see Also Seasonal Dwelling/Res.)
Temporary Emergency, Construction, or Repair Residence
Tenant Farm Dwelling
Terrace Apartments
Trailer Site
Tree House
Vacation Home
Walk-up Apartment
Zero Lot Line Housing