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Corner Lot (Parallel Lot Line/Yard Definitions)

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Diagram: Visibility Clearance at Intersections (Sample)

A space, approximately triangular in shape on a corner lot in which nothing is permitted to be built, placed or grown in a way that would impede visibility. Its purpose is to assure that vehicles and pedestrians have adequate and safe visibility, for example, to let drivers see children on bicycles. The cut-off usually is defined either by a straight line or a curved line, joined at specified distances from the corner.

Visibility At Intersections In Residential Districts

On a corner lot in any residential district, nothing shall be erected, placed, planted or allowed to grow in such a manner as materially to impede vision between a height of two and a half and 10 feet above the centerline grades of the intersection streets in the area bounded by the street lines of such corner lots and a line joining points along said street lines 50 feet from the point of the intersection.

Though similar provisions are found in the general regulations of most zoning ordinances, they are loosely enforced. (Also called visibility triangle, corner clearance, or corner cutoff).

K3-Visibility Clearance at Intersections-2D.pdf

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