The Zoning Trilogy

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Accessory Structure and Principal Building Definition
Airport Runway Vertical Clearance Illustrations
Basement and Cellar Definitions
Buffer Area
Building Envelope
Bulk Plane
Corner Lot (Curved Lot Line/Yard Definitions)
Corner Lot (Parallel Lot Line/Yard Definitions)
Types of Lots
Definition of Yard
Development Envelope for Docks and Boathouses
Drive-thru Restaurants
Established Building Lines/Front Yard Reduction
Examples of Lot Definitions
Examples of Yard Definitions
Fencing Requirements
Floor Area Ratio Examples
Guide to Height Definitions
Illustration Definition of 'Storey'
Illustration of 100 Year Flood Elevation
Illustration of Boat and Dock Related Definitions
Building Height Definitions
Illustration of Definitions Related to Waterfront Lots
Floodway, Flood Plain and Flood Fringe
Illustration of Front, Side and Rear Yard
Illustration of Parking Area Buffer
Illustration of Parking Area Design Requirements
Illustration of Sight Triangles
Illustration of the Basic Types of Lots
Illustrations of Dwelling Types
Illustrations of Types of Dwellings
Impervious Surface Illustration
Infill in Existing Neighbourhoods: Architectural Characteristics
Infill in Existing Neighbourhoods: Setbacks from Road
Irregular Lot (No Parallel Lot Lines/Yard Definitions)
Irregular Lot (No Rear Lot Line/Yard Definitions)
Lot Line Descriptions
Maximum Fence Height in Front Yards
Minimum Distance Separation Calculation - Radius
Minimum Distance Separation Calculation - Walking
Parking Area Illustration
Parking Courts
Parking Drives
Permitted Locations for Boat Houses, Pump Houses, Docks and Similar Accessory Uses
Planting Strip and Fencing Requirements
Setback Guidelines
Setback Requirements for Air Conditioners/Heat Exchangers
Sight/Daylighting Triangle
Specifications for Parking Stalls and Structures
Typical Dwelling Types
Visibility Clearance at Intersections