The Zoning Trilogy

The Zoning Trilogy is a collection of three important planning resources. Available as both an online subscription and a Download & Print version, The Zoning Trilogy combines: a 1556 term Zoning Dictionary; 374 Zoning Provisions; and 51 illustrated Zoning Diagrams, into one essential planner's resource.

2016 Edition Now Available!

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Our Zoning Diagrams Compendium has newly designed diagrams.
Most entries now come with both 2D and 3D diagrams!

Are you are involved with any of these?

  • Zoning interpretation
  • Implementing community and master plans
  • Drafting zoning ordinances/by-laws
  • Sustainable zoning
  • Green codes
  • Expert witness on zoning issues

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The Zoning Trilogy is used by:

  • Harvard
  • MIT
  • University of California at Berkley
  • City of Vancouver, British Columbia
  • New York State Department of State
  • State of Montana Department of Commerce
  • City of Toronto, Ontario
  • Michigan State
  • New York University
  • Canadian Heritage-Parks Canada
  • Town of Aurora Planning Department
  • National Capital Commission Library.
  • Macaulay Shiomi Howson Ltd.
  • J. L. Cox Planning Consultants Inc.
  • Meconi & Jackson Attorneys At Law
  • Cornerstone Planning Consultants Ltd.
  • Padco, Inc.
  • Henderson, Johnston, Fournier & Hammond
  • J. L. Richards & Associates
  • Patrick Sweet & Associates Limited
  • WeirFoulds LLP
  • Hemson Consulting Ltd.
  • City of Galesburg
  • More...